Close the Sale: Tips for Selling Stuff Online

I love to dejunk, and I love a good deal. So you’d think I would be a veteran garage sale host. Not so. Because I cull through belongings and donate them so often, I rarely accumulate enough loot to put on a decent garage sale. Instead, I sell larger ticket items using online classified services like or (in Utah) or, and donate the “little junk” to charity. I swear I make more money this way and with less effort, too.

Here are a few quick tips for selling online:
The Price is Right. Do a quick search in the listing service for the item you’re selling and price it appropriately. If you want it to sell fast, beat the best price by a few bucks.
Paint a Picture. Give a detailed but not rambling description of the item. Be honest about any flaws. Use as many search terms as possible in the item header (curtains/drapes) and account for alternate spellings (Little Tykes/Little Tikes) so that as many people as possible see your listing. It’s also helpful to include brand or store names that people often search for in the header, if applicable.
A Thousand Words. Include more than one photo of the item. I always include photos of flaws/issues if they exist.
Timing is Everything. I’ve had great success posting things right before the weekend, because that is when people get the project itch and have time to scratch it. I think selling
seasonal things in season makes the most sense, too. If something doesn’t sell within a week, I either lower the price or take it down and repost in a few weeks.
FYI. Let people know how you’d like to be contacted (text, email, phone) and when it is OK and not OK to call. For instance, I usually say ‘No Sunday calls.’ I also include that the item is pick-up only (No, I won’t be driving 30 minutes to sell you a $20 wall hanging) and cash only. I also let people know items are first come, first serve. That way I don’t waste time and miss buyers waiting for someone who says they will come … sometime.

Good luck and happy selling!

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