About the Authors

Elyssa Andrus

Elyssa Andrus has worked as a newspaper reporter and editor for more than a decade, most recently at the Daily Herald in Provo, Utah. A former adjunct professor of communications at Brigham Young University, Elyssa spends much of her day chasing around her three young children. It’s been more than two years since any of her baked goods have exploded or caught on fire.

Natalie Hollingshead

Natalie Hollingshead is a former magazine editor turned freelance writer. She has a degree in print journalism from Brigham Young University. She balances work for local and national publications with her most important job yet — mom to two energetic children. Natalie has been obsessed with organizing and decorating since childhood. Her husband, Todd, often comes home to find she has (yet again) rearranged the kitchen cupboards.

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